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SUV = POS T Shirt

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Spot O' Tee Club

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Starting around the first week of January, I have been including a discount card with all orders placed on SwagHappy. I will be going through all of the past orders and sending this card to you as a token of my appreciation for helping me launch SwagHappy. With this card you will be able to take 20% off your next purchase and you can then pass this card on to someone else who will enjoy the same benefit. The coupon will be good for one purchase per customer and has no expiration date.

I am also setting up a sneak preview site for those of you who have purchased from me in the past. Here I will show you the designs I have in the works or being printed and I will also allow you to pre-purchase these same designs before they are offered to the general public. This will prove very handy for those of you shopping in the XXL section – that size goes fast :)

Thanks again for stopping by!


Free 1st Class Shipping thru December 15th

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As a way of thanking all of you for a successful launch, Swaghappy would like to offer you free first class shipping from now until December 15th. Priority shipping will still be available and I’ll add overnight shipping as an option in the weeks to come.

Thank you again and happy holidays ;)


Design Submissions

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SwagHappy would like to give all of you the chance to see your design on a tshirt. Think you have the skills or the time to come up with something cool? SH will now start collecting designs and letting you vote on them over at the blog. Here’s the link to more info: Submit and Vote!

We’ll happily provide the winner with $100 and a choice of two shirts. This contest will run once per month starting December 1st, so put your thinking/designing/daydreaming caps on :) Something to note: this is a contest for a finished design, not a slogan, motto, or sentence, although your design can contain those things.

Please submit the design(s) in one of the following formats:

Adobe Illustrator (.ai)
Adobe Photoshop (.psd)

please note: files in this format will need to be converted to a printable format. If at all possible, use one of the first two options above.

Minimum unique votes required to win: 50. SwagHappy reserves the right to alter these rules and/or conditions with thirty days’ notice.

Good Luck!

Here’s my email address to submit the files: mail

Something New is on the Way

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Check here to see the design we’ve sent to the printers just today. I’ll open pre-orders for it in a couple of weeks with the idea of having shirts in your hands well before Christmas ;)

New Blog and New Designs on the Way

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I’ve set up a blog to make life easier and to allow the posting of news using the trusty old Wordpress
interface. Shopify is great for setting up a store and selling products but for blogging you may as well use the best.

Head on over to see the first draft of the next design and be sure to offer up any criticisms or compliments as you see fit. This area of the site will be my place to preview new items and review MINI and car-related stuff I’ve tried first hand.

Talk to you soon,



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Being a fan of enthusiast vehicles and Mini Coopers in particular, I’ve noticed a shortage of quality, original designs for us owners to show off our great taste with. So, I’ve decided to set up a small shop to create unique, limited run t-shirts that will allow us to express ourselves in the way that only Mini fans and owners can.

Since this is a startup and funds are a bit restricted, I will be limiting the number of shirts in inventory until demand justifies larger quantities on hand and the cash flow allows for more concurrent offerings. Thanks for your understanding on this :)

In the coming months I would like to set up a poll or two to gauge the interest there may be for user-designed shirts to be voted on and printed in similar, limited runs. I think I can put together some fun stuff but there are a lot of creative minds out there just itching to get their feet wet putting together a cool shirt or two. I hope to make that easier for you and get that design in front of fellow car fans.

You may have noticed that the first couple of designs have been limited to 50 pieces. This is my intention for every design, although I may try some designs on alternate colors in the future – if they look good and you guys ask for it.